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The key to your castle

Our goal is to make the process of buying, selling, or owning a home efficient, enjoyable and rewarding for you.  See what our clients have said about our real estate services...

"This is the first house I have ever purchased, so it can be very scary and confusing. Suzan was very understanding and was always willing to explain things until I understood. She is very patient. She also made it as easy as possible for me. I will definatelty be referring people to her that want to buy a house. It was a wonderful experience and she is definately an asset to her real estate company." - Leona Blondell

"I am writing this because Suzan and her team have done such a great job as my real estate agent that I think others should know about. In my last real estate transaction, she was responsive to my needs as her client. In addition, she went the extra mile to make sure that the transaction went through as smoothly as possible.She really did a great job!" - Bruce Gruber DC

"Great job!" -  Paul Deskins

"Excellent agent and service!" - David and Margaret Browne

"Wonderful job! Thank You for your service!" - Banjamin and Karleeen Philips

"I'm writing in regards to the recent sale of my home. I was very satisfied with the way in which Suzan and her real estate team handled the marketing of my home. The brochures, adds, handouts, and professional manner went far beyond any other real estate agent I have used in the past. I believe this truly helped in the sale of my home during this housing slump. I truly thank Suzan and her team for all they have done!" - Richard Graper

"We are very happy with the land we purchased through Suzan. We started out looking for a home to buy. After a few months of looking, we didn't find anything in our area that was really what we wanted as far as land and home size in our price range. Suzan was very patient with us being so indecisive. So then, we started looking for land to build a home on. She worked hard at both home and land to help our search for the perfect home. Finally, we found a piece of land that we wanted and were ready to build. Thanks to our real estate agent, Suzan, we were able to get the land at our offer price. I don't think it would have been poossible without her help." - Jolene Smith and Harris Jacobson

"Suzan did a wonderful job selling our house. With her advertising, and marketing our house, we received a full price offer in three days! She also did a great job negotiating our new home for us. Great experience all around! Thanks for taking good care of us Suzan. While there were some bumps along the way, you did a great job of smoothing them out." - Aaron and Carrie Samuelson

"Suzan is the most awesome real estate agent! She really stood her ground and totally kicked ass! Suzan is the queen of real estate! I'm so excited to start the remodel!!!! Suzan you dd an awesome job! Who can close a short sale while being harrassed by the bank, and do it within 30 days? She can!" - Sunny Loudin