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About Suzan


Suzan Castle is an established real estate broker who is passionate about promoting the South Sound living experience. Raised in Gig Harbor, Washington, watching her father build their family home sparked the interest in real estate at a young age. She had an enormous joy working along side her dad as his assistant and learning from his wealth of knowledge.


As a fifth generation Gig Harbor resident, the views of majestic Mt. Rainier and Puget Sound are home. Growing up in a close knit community where nearly everyone knew her family was comforting. Many family gatherings were held on land that had been in the family since 1889. This was her great uncles beach home located in the Cromwell area on Hales Passage, which later became her first place to call home as an adult.


Director/President for Castle's Care Package for Troops, she is involved with Relay for Life, A Race for a Soldier, and Habitat for Humanity, among others. Spending quality time with her husband, Bill, walking beaches, hiking trails, boating, horseback riding, and touring wineries and vineyards are among some of her favorite outdoor activities.